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Intel and iLabA­frica Train Developers on Optim­iz­ing Android on Intel Architecture

The Intel App Lab Work­shop was held in Strath­more Uni­ver­sity on from the 7th to the 8th of June 2013. The work­shop aimed at train­ing Android developers on how to optim­ize Android applic­a­tions on the Intel Architecture.

The two days’ work­shop was facil­it­ated by @iLabAfrica in col­lab­or­a­tion with Intel. It tar­geted the developer com­munity in Kenya and was free to attend. Over 60 developers atten­ded the train­ing where they learned how to set up the envir­on­ment to develop Android for Intel as well as deploy­ing and pack­aging Android Apps on the Intel Archi­tec­ture. One of the main advant­ages of devel­op­ing Android on the Intel archi­tec­ture is that you can write more effi­cient code and pro­duce applic­a­tions that run faster without hanging or crash­ing on the Android device. This is made pos­sible by writ­ing code in nat­ive C or C++ which com­piles faster than Java. Developers were taught how to com­bine nat­ive code with Android to develop bet­ter Android Apps.

There will be another Intel App Lab work­shop from the 14th to 15th of June this year. The work­shop will help build capa­city for devel­op­ing Android Apps for Intel archi­tec­ture, as the tech giant pos­i­tions itself to grab a share of the mobile mar­ket in Africa. Intel in Col­lab­or­a­tion with Safar­icom launched the first ever Android smart­phone to run on the Intel Atom pro­cessor Z2420 in Africa. The budget smart­phone by the name Yolo packs some power­ful fea­tures such as the Android ver­sion 4.0 and Intel Atom pro­cessor Z2420 and a five mega­pixel cam­era. Developers will have access to these smart­phones for test­ing through­out the training.

By attend­ing the train­ing, developers stand a chance to win cool Intel inside tab­lets. In order to win, developers must register at the Intel Developer Zone here. Once registered, par­ti­cipants can work in groups of a max­imum of two people per group to develop an app for the com­pet­i­tion. Win­ning will be based on the qual­ity of the app, and num­ber of down­loads on the Google Play app store. Developers whose apps get the most down­loads will be awarded.

For the developers that atten­ded the first Intel App Lab, the dead­line for sub­mit­ting apps is 15th June 2013. The fol­low­ing are required for submission:

  1. Apk
  2. Power Point present­a­tion explain­ing the application
  3. Source code

You can down­load the work­shop doc­u­ments, install­a­tions and setups from here

Register for the next Intel App Lab here

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